Plant Milks Worse for Environment Than Cow Milk: Fonterra

If you are drinking plant-based "milks" because you think they are better for the environment, think again says a Fonterra scientist.

Nielsen Scantrack data shows sales of alternative milks have taken off in the past two years, with 25 per cent of total market share of all milk categories. In 2017 Kiwis spent $52 million on them, but that has risen to $144m in the last 12 months, with almond milk the most popular, followed by soya.

The value of the alternative milk market is growing at 7.6 per cent a year, while cow milk value is flat. But milk substitutes such as soy, almond, oat and rice have double the greenhouse gas emissions of Fonterra's milk produced in New Zealand, when compared on the basis of their nutrient content.

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