Joe Fuentes - Trainer, Adam J.


As my 50th birthday approached I decided to change my fitness routine, and hire Adam Jurgaitis to be my personal trainer at Intense Fitness. I grew up a swimmer and had been doing group fitness classes, so I had always stayed somewhat lean, however I now wanted to build as much muscle as possible. When I first sat down with Adam we set a long-term goal to gain 15lbs of muscle. To make a long story short we surpassed this goal, and after a year and a half I have put on over 35lbs of muscle. I can honestly say that at 50 I am now in the best shape of my life! If you want to make a change this is the trainer and the facility that will make it happen!

Nancy Newmarch-Stillwell - Trainer, Scott C.


I was referred to Scott Camoin at Intense Fitness from a friend of mine who had been training with him for over a year. At first I was not sure what to expect, however Scott along with the rest of the staff were extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. The first thing that Scott had me do was log my food, and set me up in my fitness pal which is an app on my phone that tracks calories and macronutrients. He then explained to me about the workouts that we would be doing, and the progression based on my individual goals. One concern that I had was my travel schedule because I work on yachts, however Scott has been able to give me homework and even virtually train me while I am away from the gym. I have only been working with Scott for 2 months now, however the results I have gotten are amazing. I lost almost 5% body fat in the first month, and was even able to lose 4lbs. while I was away for a month. I have now lost 14lbs since December and have never felt better. Thank you Scott and Intense Fitness!

Joe Barilla - Trainer, Adam J.


Two years ago I decided to make a lifestyle change by eliminating fast food, and concentrating more on my nutrition in general. The weight started coming off, however I wanted to accelerate things so I decided to hire Adam Jurgaitis at Intense Fitness to be my personal trainer. For the last year I have been training with him 3-5 days/week, working out twice/week on my own with the assigned cardio exercise that he has given me, and I continue to work on my nutrition with his guidance. I am not exactly sure how much I weighed in the before picture, however it is safe to say that I have lost over 50lbs and put on a considerable amount of muscle. I am almost 55 years old now, and am in the best shape of my life thanks to Adam and Intense Fitness!

Kelly Cundy - Trainer, David F.


I can say I’ve truly tried it all. I’ve spent countless of dollars at Orange Theory, Pure Barre, do-it-at-home programs, and almost goat yoga, until my husband told me, “No.” As the habitual gym/fitness hopper that I had become, I was skeptical about my newest adventure. My first visit at Intense Fitness was a consultation with one of the gym owners and personal trainers, Scott. I made my husband come with me to keep me accountable, and probably subconsciously, to keep me from signing up for the full Monty. The consultation was without a doubt, a great first impression! Scott thoroughly described their “method of training,” which included simple core and overall muscle development along with food intake monitoring and diet tips. My husband and I could tell that Scott and, undoubtedly, their other trainers, were motivated to see their clients become the healthiest version of themselves. I completed my consultation with a 15 minute workout with Scott. Afterwards, he went over their Training Packages. There was no “salesy approach” and he even recommended a trainer based off of what type of personality I felt I would be the most comfortable with. I decided on a 3 Workout Package, just in-case I felt like hopping to the next best fitness fad.

Well, all I can say is… 2 years later, I’m still here. Meeting and working out with my personal trainer, David, has been the best thing for my overall fitness and health. Every workout is tailored to my personal needs and there is never a one-size-fits all approach. David keeps me motivated, laughing (most times at him, not with him), and enjoying my workouts. I’ve even convinced my husband to leave the big box gym and join me! Thank you David and everyone else at Intense Fitness for keeping me feeling and looking my best!

William Braemer - Trainer, Adam J.


I can state with absolute confidence that since I began training with Adam seven years ago, my overall health and fitness has consistently improved year over year.  Through Adam’s approach in listening to what my goals are and then implementing a plan, his consistency in following through and motivating me each and every workout has resulted in dramatic changes to my physical capabilities.  Given that I am a business owner with many responsibilities and time constraints, I value each workout with Adam as he is always punctual, focused and most importantly results oriented.  The environment at Intense Fitness is extremely welcoming and professional; all of the equipment is top quality and maintained to perfection.  Whether you are a beginner or have experience in exercising, I along with my partner can attest to the fact that the added value that Adam will bring to your overall health as a personal trainer is invaluable.   * Results may vary.

John Pascale - Trainer, Adam J.


I have been training with Adam at Intense Fitness since he opened the facility (and many years before that). Intense Fitness is a very inviting and comfortable environment to train at.  All of the trainers are friendly and very knowledgeable about training.  All I can say about Adam is that I am 50 and in the best shape of my life because of my training with him.  He is motivating, fun but serious, and is constantly changing my work outs to push my body.   I look forward to working out each week!!!  * Results may vary.

Juan Noriega - Trainer, Adam J. 

I have worked out with different personal trainers on and off for the past 8 years.  Once I reached a size 36 at age 22 I realized that I needed more than just cardio and the basic weight training exercises.

Six months ago a friend from work recommended Adam at Intense Fitness. I did my first training session and immediately signed up to train twice a week. I noticed the increase in muscle weight and my body fat has significantly gone down below my initial goal.

Due to my busy and very unpredictable schedule, sometimes it’s difficult to go to the gym at all.  Somehow Adam constantly manages to work around my day and we are now training four times a week. 


The Intense Fitness facility is great! It is never overcrowded and all of the trainers are very knowledgeable, friendly, and constantly coming up with creative ways for new exercises and new training techniques.
I would highly recommend Adam to anyone serious and committed to staying or getting in better shape. I have been at Intense Fitness many times now and would feel comfortable recommending any of their other trainers as well.   * Results may vary.

Marilyn Schulenburg - Trainer, Adam J. 

I am 75 years old and have been training with Adam for 8 years.  I started with Adam when he was at Ballys, and now have followed him to Intense Fitness.  I live in Chicago during the summer, and Fort Lauderdale for the winter/spring season, so I only get to work with him half of the year.  Unfortunately I have not been able to find a personal trainer in Chicago that I like/enjoy working with (and Adam won’t move there for the summers) so I tend to gain weight half of the year.  This winter I lost 31 lbs. with the help/encouragement of Adam and Intense Fitness.  I am sad to say that today was my last workout at Intense Fitness for the season, but am already looking forward to coming back in October.  The facility is very nice and all of the staff members are as well.  I am now doing things that I was unable to do only months ago, and I feel great!   * Results may vary.

Ken A. Baszto - Trainer, Adam J.

As you know hitting the gym has never been an as issue.  I have always enjoyed working out and thought I looked good, maintained my body weight and had good cardiovascular endurance. I would train four to five times per week and did cardio on the beach at least once a week never seeing any real results, just status quo. I was stuck in the same old  rut ~! 

I was becoming a person that settled with being just average. Never in a million years did I think I would workout as hard as I did and look the same year after year, but I became that person, OUCH ~!

I have known Adam for over the past 7 years and have trained with him and achieved great results. Adam has kept in touch with me over the years wanting to continue working together.  I mentioned before I thought I looked good, didn’t want to be locked into a training schedule, too tired from work and the list went on and on. In other words the excuse for” looking just ok” was acceptable to me.

One day last December, I received yet another Text message from Adam to come check out Intense Fitness, he bribed me with a free training session. I thought I would go check out the new training studio. I use the word studio because it is on the same level as a high end personal training facility or Boutique. The facility is clean, well set up and has a team of highly qualified personal training instructors that will help you achieve your wellness goals. Adam has helped me achieve my wellness goals through proper diet, rest and a customized workout routine. I have lost over 17 pounds and 5 ½ percent body fat in just four short months. I’m hooked on Intense Fitness and know you will be too, stop in and check it out.  * Results may vary.

Carol Wiggin - Trainer, Adam J. 

Six years ago, I was very heavy, out of shape and in need of some expert assistance to help me regain my figure, self-esteem and youthful way of life.

Nothing is easy they say and it took a lot of trial and error to reach any goals at all.The one constant in my life for these past six years has been my personal trainer, Adam Jurgaitis.  Twice a week, every week I showed up and Adam made the workout challenging and creative.  I was sore every day after and even now, there are days that I get up the next morning with muscles that scream for the hot tub.

I am pleased to say that after all these 2,191 days, I have lost 45 lbs, get compliments from all that I meet and I owe it all in great part to Adam and Intense Fitness.

It’s a great team effort and one that we still work on every week.  * Results may vary.

Amy Alford - Trainer, Adam J

Intense Fitness ROCKS!

I joined iF just after they opened in June 2012 at 320lbs and have lost about 60 pounds and a total of 38 inches all over!!

The trainers and clients, alike are super-friendly, knowledgeable and nothing but fun and encouraging to workout with.  I hate getting up early, but look forward to my early mornings at iF… and the results, priceless!   * Results may vary.

Kristin Pernicano - Trainer, Scott C. 

Kristin Pernicano2.jpg

I began working out with Scott at IF five weeks ago and am so pleased with the results so far!  The environment at IF is friendly, clean and comfortable.  Trainers and clients alike greet you with a smile and it’s not intimidating or ogling like some fitness centers.  From diet to exercise, Scott Camoin is supportive and encouraging.  He uses his experience and training to tailor interesting workouts to his clients’ goals and perceptively reads each person’s capabilities, motivators and weak spots.  This is fitness for the long term- avoiding injury and adopting habits that allow you to enjoy a full, active life. 

Honestly, before the initial consultation I wasn’t sure if working out was something this carb-loving exercise-adverse vegetarian would stick with.  But it was high time I work on my fitness as each yoga or sports activity I tried resulted in minor injury; and Scott is a different kind of trainer.  Scott explained that we needed to work on my stabilizer muscles and slowly go from there with strength.   

I thought it would take forever to see results, but I decided to give him a chance.  Now I couldn’t be happier I did!  I am approaching my target weight, but most importantly, I’ve gained strength, balance, endurance- and enthusiasm in my progress.  Thanks, Scott!   * Results may vary.

Silvia Angulo - Trainer, Scott C. 


I met Scott a year ago when I needed some help to recover from a knee injury while getting stronger to continue running…”once a runner, always a runner” and that’s what I wanted to do the most at that time. However, after meeting Scott and trusting him and his abundant knowledge I realized that I had to be more ambitious and work towards other goals….I learned so much and discovered with Scott’s help the amazingly intense world of cross fit, strengthening and cardio. After a year training with Scott on a regular basis -3 or 4 times a week- I find myself stronger, fitter and healthier.

Scott is a very creative and knowledgeable trainer and he works with every person in a holistic way, not only focusing on the physical improvement through exercise but also through nutrition, stretching and healing alternatives. I highly recommend Scott Camoin as the most reliable and effective trainer in South Florida and probably in the whole country.   * Results may vary. 

Julie Crocco - Trainer, T.K. 


I have been an athlete all my life. I was a competitive swimmer for 18 years and trained and competed in the Junior Olympics three times. I started swimming at three so I like being coached and I have participated in many different sports. One of my priorities is my health and physique and I have been with many trainers over the years. TK has given my body the best results I have ever experienced. My strength has increased, body fat lowered and tone increased. The workouts he has for me each week are very different and I can’t remember if one has ever been the same completely. His workouts always vary in mode of execution and kind of weight used. I have been training with TK for over six months.  I know his training is doing great things for my body when people come up to me and ask if I am a personal trainer.  The real bonus is I look much younger!  I always recommend Intense Fitness to anyone who asks. Thank you TK for everything you do for me!    * Results may vary.

Larry O’Brien - Trainer, T.K.

I recently turned 70 years old.  It has been become increasingly challenging over the years to build muscle and reduce body fat.  For that reason, I chose to seek guidance from a fitness professional. 

I have known TK for approximately 5 years and have been training with him for about 4 years.  He is a great motivator and inspiration in that he is in phenomenal shape and continues to drive himself to even higher levels.  His work with me is very precise and directed to the areas that are best for my particular needs. He constantly changes up the routine and creates challenges on every visit.  I look forward to my workouts with TK because they work and also he so enjoys what he does that it rubs off on me and I find myself actually enjoying the work.  I can STRONGLY recommend TK to anyone interested in a dedicated trainer who WILL get you results.     * Results may vary.

Neil D. - Trainer, Lindsay

If your mind can conceive it then your body can achieve it. Thanks to Lindsay this has become my motto that I utilize every day. This wasn’t quite so just one year ago.

I was 35 and should have been in the prime of my life. Unfortunately, personal indulgence, success and living in excess had finally begun to take its toll and break down my body. Even more shocking the doctor had recently told me I had high cholesterol, a fatty liver, and wanted me to start me on various medications. This was enough for me to realize I needed a lifestyle change now rather than later, and I was done trying to ‘fix’ myself with crash diets and working out on my own.

I knew I needed help and I walked into Intense Fitness and met Lindsay. I had used personal trainers in the past with mixed results but was generally unimpressed by the impersonal attention I had received. Lindsay is far from intimidating she is friendly, knowledgeable, and has only my best interests at heart. She tailors my nutrition and we workout together three times a week with the workouts becoming progressively more challenging. Lindsay holds me accountable and has taught me the keys to success are hard work, good nutrition, and a positive attitude. We set goals and find my limits and then weekly work towards breaking through those limits.

I have never felt like just a “client” of Lindsay’s but more of a friend being guiding through a fitness journey. Lindsay doesn’t make you feel like a block of time and works you out until you are exhausted and feel like you have accomplished something. I dare to say the workouts can even be fun sometimes! Lindsay also makes herself available after hours and provides the guidance and support people need to succeed. I have experienced continuous improvement every month in my emotional/mental health, as well as my physical fitness.

Not only is Lindsay a great trainer but Intense Fitness provides a fantastic positive environment. I feel like I am walking into Cheers everyday as one by one the trainers greet you as you enter, and even encourage you while working out to push those limits. I feel stronger now than I have ever been and am down 50 pounds and closer to my goal than ever! I know as soon as I reach my goals Lindsay and I will be ready for new goals and challenges. I fully endorse Lindsay without any hesitation as a fantastic trainer and great friend.    * Results may vary.

Theresa A. - Trainer, Lindsay


Motto: Perfectly Sculpted by Lindsay! 
Having worked out with weights on and off for years, I thought I knew what it took to get in shape and didn’t feel I needed a personal trainer. I was wrong. Lindsay Nelson’s work outs have taken me from 28.7% body fat to 23.7% body fat. I have now started a running program and have completed 2 obstacle course races. I have never achieved these kind of results on my own.   I have a better body now than I did in my Teens, 20′s and 30′s!

Lindsay doesn’t stand around while you do sets of reps at machines. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, plus what you personally want to accomplish,  is used to devise a program specific to you: a program that changes as your body changes. 

What impresses me about Lindsay is her listening skills; knowledge; and athleticism. She  asked me what I wanted to accomplish and devised a program to fit my requirements and goals. She consistently adjusts the program to grow with me; challenge my abilities and push my limits. She knows the why behind every exercise and ensures you are performing the exercise correctly and not just going through the motion. 
Don’t tell Lindsay but I secretly compete with her in everything we do!    * Results may vary.

Jean Campbell - Trainer, Lindsay


Lindsay makes working out a joy.  Always smiling and fun, she has trained me to a level of fitness I hadn’t thought possible for a senior citizen. She anticipates my needs and approaches everything in a highly professional manner.     * Results may vary.

Kirk Buffington - Trainer, Sean

When some feel enlightened they might say, “I’ve seen the light”. Well, that’s how I feel since starting to train with Sean Spire at Intense Fitness. Finally, I get it. I started training with Sean in November, 2012, and I’ve lost 28lbs. and almost 29% body fat (from 22.2% to 15.7%). I have had to start looking at wardrobe replacement, and recently wore a pair of 32” jeans on casual Friday. Believe me, 32” jeans are not something I thought I would ever wear again. More importantly my self-confidence has increased dramatically. Sean recognizes the unique capabilities of each of his clients, and trains each accordingly. There is no cookie cutter approach. Sean makes every one of my training sessions challenging for me, so that I am always outside of my comfort zone, and I am constantly exceeding my own expectations. Initially starting at two sessions a week, I am now training 4X a week, and look forward to every session, because I know Sean is going to challenge me, I’m going to have some fun, and I’m going to learn something. Sean believes very much in the education of his clients, and that form should never be sacrificed for weight or intensity.

If at first you don’t succeed try doing what you’re trainer tells you. That’s what I did, and the success for me has been phenomenal    * Results may vary.

Max Schindler - Trainer, Lou

I am an 80 year old athlete (Boston & New York sub 3 hour marathon).  After working out for over 50 years on my own, using a personal trainer was never an option.   Using a personal trainer never occurred to me, because I thought I knew all there was to know about staying in shape.  However, three years ago, Lou suggested I try him for a few sessions.  I was convinced.  I now have a resting pulse of 48 beats per minute, my recovery time is much lower and I have a washboard stomach which is the envy of my neighbors.  Most of all I feel better than ever and I cannot wait to return to Florida after the summer in New York.    * Results may vary.

Jacqi Smith - Trainer, Lou

When I met Lou, I was pushing 240 lbs and ready for a real change in my life.  For 17 years, I had tried to lose weight on my own with workout videos and diets but never lost more than 20 lbs only to regain it again.  To say I was discouraged about ever losing weight was an understatement.  But Lou tailored workouts not only to meet my needs to get in shape and be healthy but to strengthen my back, which had been prone to injury in prior attempts to get in shape. The one-hour workouts twice a week got my heart working and the core work had me feeling so healthy that it was not long until I wanted to increase workouts to five days a week.

Six months later, I had lost 80 lbs and 12 dress sizes.  Today I am maintaining my weight and in better physical shape than I have ever been in my life.
Thanks Lou!      * Results may vary.

Judy S. - Trainer, Chris

May 4th, 2012 – a day I will always remember. It was the day that I was introduced to my trainer Chris Brooks. Never having trained in a gym before, Chris started me out with the basics and together, as a team, we worked through challenge after challenge – improving my fitness level month after month.  Chris is a hands on trainer that watches your technique and form so you perform each and every exercise properly, and do not injure yourself allowing you to get the most out of each and every routine.  When I did have an issue with my ankle and was going to physical therapy at Inline Health & Wellness, Chris checked on my progress, even on days I was not training with him by texting me at home to see how I was doing.  He is committed 100% to each and every one of his clients and challenges them to achieve their fitness goals.
“If It Doesn’t Challenge You – It Doesn’t Change You” is his motto and I couldn’t agree with that more.
I recommend training with Chris to anyone who asks me how I’ve accomplished my 60+ weight loss (working out with Chris) and physical transformation.  I pass out his business cards to be sure they contact him and get started with their personal goals.
Love ya’ Boss!!!    * Results may vary.

Abby L. - Trainer, Chris


I truly feel like myself again and it is all because of Chris Books. I have never been significantly overweight and I have always been active but working with Chris has uncovered my healthy body from twenty years ago. I have been working with him since January 2013 and NEVER could have imagined I would, or could, be in better shape than I was in my twenties. I remember during my initial consultation I laughed AT him when he suggested what he thought my goals should be and what he thought I could be capable of.  He was right…I met and exceeded my goals and I am now 15+ pounds lighter and 3+ sizes smaller. Most importantly, I feel better overall and stronger. I do not believe I would have stayed as focused if I did not have such a positive motivator. What is most helpful to me is his words of encouragement and ensuring my workouts and eating habits stay on track. His constant monitoring between sessions demonstrates his commitment to his clients. Thank you Chris Brooks, I would not have made it this far without your help!     * Results may vary.

Dan Elmore - Trainer, Tayana

I began working with Tayana or Big T about 2 & ½ months ago. I spoke with her during Pride Festival back in March, and after our discussion, I thought “What would hurt to give her a try?” I am already a member of a gym so I’m no stranger to working out. However, I didn’t feel as though I was making progress in meeting my goals. I knew there were areas of my training I was lacking, but T soon found areas I was lacking that I didn’t even know existed.

My goals were/are to continue to build muscle but also lean down and make what I already have more defined. I wanted my love handles gone and to tighten my abs. I also wanted to clean up my diet which had gotten seriously out of control—sandwiches, fast-food, bread, pasta, soda had become my daily routine. It’s true when they say “You are what you eat.” What I didn’t realize was the lack of strength I had in my lower body. I had pretty good upper body strength, but when it came to below the waist, my legs were extremely weak. It all stemmed from knee surgery I had in 2009, which took almost a year in rehab before I could even walk without a cane; and a broken foot I had in 2011, which took almost 6 months in a boot and rehab before able to walk without pain. So the fear of more injuries, leg workouts never were a big priority for me.

T’s workouts are extremely dynamic. The exercises and weight lifting I was used to was replaced with full body, core, and aerobic training. No more isolated muscle work or boring sets/reps with weights. The routines are rigorous, but actually fun to do because they incorporate so much into them. You really feel you have gotten a workout in the end. And you feel it ALL OVER!!!

Just over the time I’ve been training with T, I have lost ~4% body fat. I went in weighing about 168 pounds with 18% body fat. Now I’m around 160 pounds with 14%. Now comes the task of maintaining my body fat % while putting on muscle. It’s a fine line, but I’m very confident T will help me manage it. When I first began I couldn’t even do a simple squat with just my body weight. Now I’m doing dead-lifts, one-leg lunges, squats; all with ridiculous weights. And, I’m not afraid of injury. T is always watching and monitoring my form so the weight is where it is supposed to be instead of my knees and lower back.

T is extremely good at pushing to get the most out of you, but not to the point of injury or frustration. Other trainers I’ve had in the past always seemed to create frustration by either too much weight too quickly or making the workouts so difficult that I didn’t even want to have any sessions with them. T is good at pushing me to my limit and a little more. I often find myself pushing beyond that because my friends and I have seen such a change in me, that I want more and more.

I have recommended my best friend to her. He is so impressed with her and the improvements he has made in such a short time, that he, in turn, has recommended one of his friends.    * Results may vary.

Erin - Trainer, Tayana

I started training with T this past February.  I work as an accountant at a great firm that feeds us very well and I wanted to avoid putting on the pounds as I sat at my desk for 12+ hours a day, munching on all the goodies in the kitchen.  The long hours of tax season combined with less than optimal nutrition and little to no exercise are lethal to one’s health.  I had also hit a plateau with my weight loss after dropping around 70 pounds and knew I needed to do something different to reach my goals.

My time training with T has benefitted me much more than I could have expected.  She has helped me to get stronger and feel better.  I didn’t catch a cold this tax season which is a first!  She checked in with me daily to make sure I got in my cardio and that my food was on track.  She pushed me to optimize my workouts while always making sure my form was correct and that I wasn’t hurting myself by doing exercises incorrectly.  In just 2 short months I have lost 15 lbs of fat and gained 10 lbs of muscle.  I’ve gone down 3 pants sizes and am swimming in all of my old clothes!

T is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares about the well-being of her clients.  She always has a contagiously upbeat attitude and you can’t help but feel motivated and happy around her.  I highly recommend her as a trainer.     * Results may vary.

Linda Posey - Trainer, Sue

I LOVE MY PERSONAL TRAINER!!  I look forward to seeing & working with Susan twice a week .   I find her to be friendly, supportive & informative!!  I am probably the oldest client there so I am working out with nubile young adults, but I never feel intimidated or concerned.  She always helps me to advance at my own level (which is slow & gentle!).

I highly recommend SUSAN VEITCH for personal training!!     * Results may vary.

Dawn and Phil - Trainer, Sue

My husband Phillip and I started training with Susan this February.  Since then, twice a week Susan surprises us with a new intense but fun one hour long training session.  We have both seen improvements in our balance, core strength and muscle tone.  The best part of training with Susan is that she varies our workouts to make them fun and interesting every time.  I’ve always been active and have worked out on my own, my husband not so much.  It’s always been a chore for him to get to the gym or even go for a walk.  I can speak for both of us when I say, neither of us have ever looked as forward to or enjoyed exercising as much as we do training with Susan. Aside from that she is a really nice lady, respectful, encouraging, pleasant to be around and is very flexible scheduling class hours, something that in my husband’s case has allowed him to be consistent with the 2 classes per week regimen.  We would highly recommend Susan to anyone who is looking for a friendly, personable and extremely knowledgeable personal trainer.     * Results may vary.

Howard G. & Ron C. - Trainer, Sue

Susan has trained both of us for close to seven years. Susan is both precise and diligent in her training methods. She adopts the physical programs to your particular needs. In my case, I needed strength training so I would be more agile on the tennis courts. In Ron’s case, he certainly needed strength training and reducing his stomach. Susan was very successful with both of us. I was much quicker on the court and able to get those far reaching balls, while Ron’s success was in his physical appearance, no stomach and a muscular torso, plus a fifty percent increase in muscular strength. We thank Susan, for her very successful training and would have absolutely, no reluctance, in recommending future clients to her, which we have already done. The sign of a great trainer is when you get tons of compliments from your peers on how great you look, and from yourself on how great you feel.     * Results may vary.